British sisters found dead 'in bathroom' in Pakistan

17 January 2020, 18:15 | Updated: 17 January 2020, 18:26

Two British women have been found dead in Pakistan
Two British women have been found dead in Pakistan. Picture: Google

By Kate Buck

Two British women have been found dead in Pakistan, it has been confirmed.

According to local media, the pair - who are understood to be sisters - were found dead in a bathroom.

A spokesperson for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office said: “We are in contact with the local authorities following the death of two British women in Gujrat, Pakistan, and have offered consular support to the family.”

DunyaNews reports that the two women, aged 17 and 25, had arrived in Pakistan two weeks ago for their grandmother's funeral.

The news site claims that sources have told them the victims died after inhaling gas which was leaking from a pipe in the bathroom.

It also goes on to say that the pair were found on the floor unconscious and "half-dead", and rushed to hospital where they later died.

Both sisters have since been buried in a local cemetery.

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