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Firms bringing goods into Northern Ireland will be hoped by the extra funding

£355 million of public money to help Northern Irish firms avoid Brexit red tape

The number of UK citizens attaining an EU member state passport also leapt - by more than 500% across the Continent and more than 2,000% in Germany

Migration out of UK to EU increased 30% since Brexit

Activists protest at the possible effects of a No Deal Brexit on healthcare in August 2018

Brexit: Companies should stockpile medicines for end of transition period

Former trade secretary Liam Fox's emails were allegedly targeted by Russian hackers

Russian hackers 'stole top secret UK-US trade documents' from Liam Fox's emails

The committee chairman warned despite the easing of lockdown "problems with food security are far from over".

'Disorderly Brexit' and coronavirus threaten UK's food security, MPs claim

A report due out later is expected to claim Russia tried to influence the result of the Scottish independence referendum

Russia report: Moscow 'tried to meddle in Scottish independence vote' but not Brexit

In 2019, the UK exported £701 billion of goods and services abroad, the report said

Post-Brexit exports will cause 'significant challenges' for British firms, report

Lorries queuing along the M20 as part of Operation Stack in 2019

Post-Brexit lorry park in Kent will be 'devastating' for environment, say opponents

Sir David Frost met with EU negotiators for the first time since the coronavirus crisis

Brexit trade talks take place amid warning of EU's 'unrealistic positions'

Boris Johnson's demands have been dismissed as "impossible" by senior MEPs

Brexit: UK-EU trade deal by end of July 'impossible' say senior MEPs

Fire burning in Porto Velho, Brazil, one of the world's oldest and most diverse tropical ecosystems and one of the most endangered on the planet

Post-Brexit trade deal must not made UK 'complicit' in increasing pandemic risk

The International Trade Secretary is set to hold talks with a number of nations

Trade talks with Australian and NZ can 'make good on the promise of Brexit'

File photo: The Prime Minister and Brussels chiefs agreed on work aimed at concluding a deal by the end of the year

'Bit of oomph' required to reach Brexit deal by end of year says Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson's with Ursula von der Leyen will take place by video conference call

Boris Johnson will join EU Brexit talks to inject new momentum

Michael Gove said he had communicated the position with the EU in a meeting earlier today

Brexit: UK 'formally confirms' to EU it will not extend transition period

File photo: Nicola Sturgeon and Mark Drakeford said it would be “extraordinarily reckless” to leave the transition period at the end of this year

Scottish and Welsh First Ministers call for Brexit extension

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