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Scotland's Government have asked for the Brexit transition period to be extended

Michael Gove rejects Scottish calls to extend Brexit trade talks amid coronavirus

Boris Johnson has said the Brexit transition period will not be affected by the threat posed by Covid-19

Brexit transition period will not be extended despite coronavirus threat

Michael Gove was speaking to MPs

Coronavirus: UK-EU Brexit trade talks could be called off due to Covid-19 outbreak

EC president says the UK needs to make up its mind

UK needs to 'make up its mind' on post-Brexit deal, Brussels says

Britain's withdrawal from the EU could cost the taxpayer billions of pounds

Britain's withdrawal from EU has cost taxpayer 'more than £4 billion'

Michel Barnier warned about the differences between the UK and the EU in trade talks

Brexit: Michel Barnier warns of 'serious differences' in trade talks with UK

Mr Barnier said the UK needs to accept "ground rules" if it wants a specialist trade deal

Michel Barnier: UK must accept 'ground rules' if it wants access to EU markets

Fishing rights is expected to be one of the key debate topics

Brexit trade talks: UK and EU to set their battle lines for negotiations

George Eustice has ruled out importing chlorinated chicken from the US

Brexit: Environment Secretary refuses to rule out importing chlorinated chicken from US

David Frost was speaking to students and academics at the Universite libre de Bruxelles

Brexit negotiator tells Brussels 'UK must be able to set its own laws'

The warning came from the French foreign minister

Britain and EU will 'rip each other apart' on post-Brexit trade deal

Jack Russell terriers and Corgis have seen a surge in popularity

UK dog breeds see jump in popularity in run-up to Brexit

Mr Gove confirmed that import controls on EU goods in a speech on Monday

Britain to impose import controls on EU at end of Brexit transition, warns Gove

The two sides have laid out their proposals for a future UK-EU partnership

Brexit negotiations explained: Who wants what? And where are the sticking points?

Johnson is expected to lay out his draft plans on Monday

Johnson to reject any concessions and alignment from EU in first speech since Brexit

Donald Tusk made the comment to the BBC

Donald Tusk: EU would be 'enthusiastic' to welcome Scotland to the bloc

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