Britain's youngest MP promises to give more than half her salary to charity

14 December 2019, 15:40

Nadia Whittome, 23, has promised to give half her salary to charity
Nadia Whittome, 23, has promised to give half her salary to charity. Picture: Twitter/PA

By Kate Buck

A Labour MP who was elected to be the youngest sitting member of Parliament has promised to give half her salary to "give back to the Labour movement".

Nadia Whittome, 23, won 64 per cent of the vote in Nottingham East to win the seat - beating the incumbent Change UK candidate Chris Leslie into fourth place.

As an MP, she will be paid a base salary of £79,468, but has said she will only take home a "workers wage" of £35,000 - meaning the almost £44,000 that remains will go to charities in her local area.

She told the Independent: "I think it’s really important for workers’ representatives to be on salaries that reflect workers more closely.

“And it’s not berating MPs for taking the full salary. It’s not saying MPs don’t deserve the £79,000. It’s saying workers need a pay rise – carers, teaching assistants, nurses – and I’ll take mine when they take theirs.

Nadia is now the youngest MP in the House of Commons
Nadia is now the youngest MP in the House of Commons. Picture: Twitter

“It’s about giving back to the labour movement as well – my local area and grassroots projects supporting people, but also directly enabling workers to go on strike.”

Taking to Twitter after her landslide victory, Ms Whittome said: "Thank you everyone. It is the greatest honour of my life to be elected as the socialist MP for Nottingham East, my home city.

"I will be a new kind of MP, inspired by radical women of colour across the world."

But despite her success on the night, Thursday's election proved to be a bruising night for the Labour Party who received the lowest number of MPs since 1935.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has so far denied calls for his immediate resignation, instead saying he will step down at some point in the new year.

Ms Whittome also thanked Mr Corbyn, calling him a "hero".

She added: "We need a democratic, socialist party that is serious about transforming the world.

"Labour has suffered a defeat and I’m devastated that we’ve lost the chance of some fantastic representatives.

"But I reject utterly that this is the fault of the left or because we were too Remain.

"We must continue to defend the idea of an open, equal society. And we can win."



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