Samsung shows off ‘vertical’ TV for social media generation

6 January 2020, 23:04

Samsung TV
(Samsung). Picture: PA

The Sero TV can rotate into portrait orientation – like a phone or tablet – to view social media videos.

A television which can rotate into portrait orientation to properly display videos from social media has been shown off at CES by Samsung.

The Korean firm’s Sero TV can switch from the horizontal layout of traditional televisions to show the taller, thinner videos often captured on smartphones.

The device, which has already been launched in South Korea, is aimed at the social media generation, who consume more video content from social media platforms such as TikTok, the tech giant said.

The Sero, which means vertical in Korean, is set to be launched in a number of new countries this year.

Samsung’s Sero TV (Samsung/PA)

The new television can connect to a user’s mobile device, Samsung says, and will mirror the orientation of their phone or tablet when showing video to present it in the way it was meant to be seen.

Sharing video captured on mobile devices to platforms such as TikTok, Instagram and Snapchat has become increasingly popular in recent years, with younger internet users in particular said to spend more time on such platforms than using traditional video formats.

Grace Dolan, vice president of marketing communication at Samsung America, said: “Consumers today expect TVs that can fully integrate into their individual lifestyles and Samsung is redefining the role of the screen, delivering new digital services and creating new designs to enhance your life.”

The Sero was showcased alongside a number of other new Samsung televisions ahead of the opening of CES on Tuesday.

The tech giant unveiled a range of new 8K resolution TVs – double the resolution of 4K – a move also made by rival LG ahead of the annual technology convention, as the two Korean companies battle for attention in the TV market.

By Press Association

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