Motorola says ‘bumps and lumps’ on new foldable Razr screen are normal

27 January 2020, 14:24

The Motorola Razr foldable smartphone
razr. Picture: PA

A video released by Motorola on caring for the foldable phone says impurities in the screen are not unusual.

Motorola has said that “bumps and lumps” on the foldable screen of its Razr smartphone are “normal”, in a new video detailing how to care for the device.

The foldable phone can now be pre-ordered in the UK. It was priced at 1,500 dollars (£1,130) ahead of going on sale in the US.

The phone is a modernised version of Motorola’s folding mobile which was popular in the early 2000s.

In a video posted to the official Motorola US YouTube channel focused on caring for the new device, the company says that the “screen is made to bend; bumps and lumps are normal”.

Screengrab of Motorola advice video on YouTube
Motorola’s advice for the screen on its new Razr phone (Motorola)

However, the video does not suggest how common such issues will occur.

The 42-second video also warns people not to use a screen protector on the device as it already features a protective coating.

Motorola has not commented further.

Last year, Samsung was forced to delay the launch of its first foldable screen device – the Galaxy Fold – following reports from early testers of issues with the screen. An updated version of the device was released in September.

The reinvented Razr has a 6.2in screen which folds in half to shut in the same way as older clamshell handsets.

When closed, it also has a 2.7in Quick View Display on which users can view and respond to notifications.

By Press Association

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