Peloton breaks record for highest live class attendance

24 April 2020, 16:24

A woman takes part in a Peloton bike class
Peloton-Bike-Lifestyle-04. Picture: PA

The online fitness platform has revealed 23,000 live-streamed a single class on Wednesday.

Online fitness platform Peloton has revealed it set a new record for streaming figures on a single live class on Wednesday.

The platform, which offers a mixture of live and on-demand fitness classes with instructors, said more than 23,000 people from around the world took part in the same session.

Home fitness has become a popular hobby for many during the coronavirus lockdown, as millions of people have looked for alternatives to visiting gyms – which have been closed as part of social distancing measures.

Peloton has only recently resumed live classes, with instructors now leading them from their homes, after the platform closed its studios in New York and London in response to the Covid-19 outbreak.

The record-breaking class was a 30-minute exercise bike-based session with the platform’s vice president of fitness programming and head instructor, Robin Arzon.

It was the first class she had filmed at home.

Peloton says it now has over two million members worldwide, and last year more than 55 million workouts were taken by members.

By Press Association

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