Donald Trump UK visit: The Beast, Air Force One and the 'Ring of Steel'

2 December 2019, 23:38 | Updated: 3 December 2019, 00:02

Donald Trump touched down in the UK on Monday night
Donald Trump touched down in the UK on Monday night. Picture: PA
Nick Hardinges

By Nick Hardinges

US President Donald Trump has landed in the UK aboard Air Force One on Monday night ahead of a Nato meeting hosted by the Queen.

Mr Trump touched down on Stansted Airport's runway at around 9:55pm on board the "airborne Oval Office," better known as Air Force One.

He then travelled southwards towards London, where he is staying at the US ambassador's residence at Winfield House, in the presidential Cadillac which has earned the nickname "The Beast."

The US leader is undertaking a two-day state visit, during which he will be attending a reception at Buckingham Palace and a Nato meeting on international security.

The arrival of the 45th President of the United States to any country is an important moment and one that comes with an unparalleled level of responsibility, involving one of the tightest security operations in the world.

Transporting a US President across the globe also requires some of the most high-tech and innovative methods of transport; from a plane with classified missile defence systems, to a limousine that carries blood units containing Mr Trump's blood type.

So what can we expect to see now Donald Trump, who recently spoke with LBC in an exclusive interview, has landed upon the UK's shores?

The US leader is in the UK ahead of a Nato meeting
The US leader is in the UK ahead of a Nato meeting. Picture: PA

Ring of Steel

The "Ring of Steel" is another name for the entire security operation that follows the US President.

From police being put on high alert after the London Bridge terror attack, to helicopters following his moves across the UK, the "Ring of Steel" aims to ensure nothing goes wrong during his visit.

Former Detective Chief Inspector Chris Phillips, who headed the National Counter Terrorism Security Office, said: "This will be a major security operation and they will always make sure nothing is missed. There are tried and tested plans for Trump visits."

There are some protests expected in central London upon the president's arrival, however Scotland Yard announced road closures to prevent demonstrators getting too close to his motorcade on Tuesday.

For his summer state visit, the Metropolitan Police spent £3.4 million to ensure the "Ring of Steel" was impenetrable.

Donald and Melania Trump arrived in the UK on Air Force One
Donald and Melania Trump arrived in the UK on Air Force One. Picture: PA

Air Force One

The president's official aircraft has several capabilities built in to ensure the "Leader of the Free World" is protected from virtually any eventuality.

It is capable of refuelling midair, giving it an unlimited range, which will carry Mr Trump anywhere in the world as quickly as possible.

The plane's onboard electronics are built to withstand an electromagnetic pulse and it is loaded with advanced secure communications equipment that allows the president to conduct military operations in the event of an attack on the USA.

Air Force One is the president's official aircraft
Air Force One is the president's official aircraft. Picture: PA

There is a medical suite that can be used as an operating room, whilst a doctor is always on board in the event of a medical emergency.

Other rooms include a conference room, a dining room, a bedroom and bathroom just for Mr Trump, offices for senior staff and a galley that can prepare up to 2,000 meals.

The windows are armoured with bullet-proof material and it can eject flares that would divert the attention of heat-seeking missiles.

Many of its other features are classified and there are several myths about it containing weapons and an escape pod for the president, however it is classed as a military aircraft.

The president&squot;s official car is known as "The Beast"
The president's official car is known as "The Beast". Picture: PA

The Beast

When Mr Trump stepped off his plane he travelled south towards London by a limousine that was followed by a motorcade of armoured vehicles.

Whilst in the UK, the US President will be driven around in a £1.2million, black, presidential Cadillac known as "The Beast" or Cadillac One.

Equipped with bullet-proof windows, armour-plated doors, night-vision cameras, puncture resistant tyres, tear gas cannons, an arsenal of guns and bags of the president's Rh-negative blood type, the limousine well and truly lives up to its name.

"The Beast" can protect Mr Trump from all sorts of attacks
"The Beast" can protect Mr Trump from all sorts of attacks. Picture: PA

Only one window, the driver's, can be lowered and the doors, that weigh the same as those on Boeing 757, are fully sealed to protect those inside from chemical attacks.

There is an extinguishing system fitted in case of a fire, as well as smoke screen dispensers to shield the vehicle.

Some personal features added in at the request of Mr Trump are a personal seat fitted with a satellite phone and a direct line to Vice President Mike Pence and the Pentagon.

Even the driver is a US Secret Service trained chauffeur who is capable of driving in some of the most demanding conditions.