Boris Johnson ‘will ask for Brexit delay,’ according to court documents

4 October 2019, 13:07 | Updated: 25 October 2019, 15:04

By Kate Buck

Boris Johnson has insisted that the UK will leave Europe by October 31 ‘with no delay,’ despite court documents which state that he will comply with a law that the exit date must be postponed if no deal is reached.

The government submitted evidence to Scotland's Court of Session saying the prime minister would comply with The Benn Act which was voted on by MPs last month to prevent a No Deal.

The Act - dubbed the Surrender Bill by Mr Johnson - requires the government to ask for an extension until 31 January if no deal is in place by October 19.

The revelation is in direct contradiction with Mr Johnson's previous claims that he would rather "die in a ditch" than prolong the UK's exit from the EU.

Boris Johnson has admitted he will seek an extension to Article 50 if no deal is agreed
Boris Johnson has admitted he will seek an extension to Article 50 if no deal is agreed. Picture: PA

He reiterated his commitment to leaving on the Halloween deadline at this week's Tory conference, telling

Anti-Brexit campaigners are currently in a bid to remind Mr Johnson that he is "not above the law".

They were seeking clarification that he would follow MPs orders rather than crash out of the bloc at the end of the month.

Global's Newsroom spoke to Jolyon Maugham QC outside the court, who was one of the parties bringing the legal action against the Prime Minister.

He said we know that the Prime Minister has told the court he will send a letter "no later than the 19th of October" asking for an extension.

Mr Maugham said Boris Johnson had also told the court that he would not "frustrate" the letter, "he won't have his fingers crossed behind his back" and that he won't send another letter asking for EU member states to refuse his request for an extension.

Mr Maugham said he was "concerned he [the Prime Minister] cannot be trusted to do what he's said to the courts."

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