Worldwide coronavirus cases hit 2 million

15 April 2020, 11:35

Worldwide coronavirus tests have now hit 2 million
Worldwide coronavirus tests have now hit 2 million. Picture: PA

By Kate Buck

The worldwide coronavirus pandemic has hit another grim milestone as the number of confirmed cases passes two million.

The virus, which emerged in China at the end of 2019, has been doubling its rate of infections every few weeks and so far killed nearly 120,000 people worldwide.

It took a month and a half for the first 100,000 cases to be detected.

The first million were recorded on 2 April, and it has taken less than two weeks for the second million to now be announced.

But despite the current tally, it is believed that that true number of infections is much higher.

By far the worst affected nation is the United States, which has so far seen almost 600,000 infections - representing more than a quarter of all cases.

The virus has managed to reach each corner of the globe so far, with only a select few countries not reporting official cases to the World Health Organisation.

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