OFCOM Public File

29 October 2019, 10:03 | Updated: 29 October 2019, 12:40

Radio stations in the UK are regulated by law. The statutory regulator is OFCOM which awards licences and regulates content in accordance with the Broadcast Code.

LBC strives to operate within the conditions of its licence and the Code at all times and welcomes comments about its output which are considered at a senior level.

OFCOM requires that we maintain a public file. This contains further detail of the licence under which we operate.

News Bulletin schedule

LBC News broadcasts news bulletins every 20 minutes, 24 hour a day. These bulletins contain a mix of London, National and International stories with regular Weather and Travel updates.

News Stories

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The LBC News team

The LBC News team comprises of Global’s journalists based in Leicester Square and at Global’s Regional Newsrooms across the UK.

Tim John – Head of Global’s Newsroom and LBC News.


The LBC News Programme Schedule

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Programme Automation

Our off peak programming between 7pm and 6am is automated and is updated throughout the evening.

Local Programming

All programmes on LBC News (1152AM) are locally produced within the transmission area.

On very limited occasions, programmes may be broadcast from outside the transmission area. These would be chosen on editorial merit, if of interest to our listeners, including UK and international broadcasts.

To download a copy of the Ofcom Format Outline for LBC 1152AM click here

The Ofcom Localness Guide