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David Newton was jailed for coughing at NHS workers

Man jailed for spitting and coughing at NHS workers who were treating him

Police are investigating a 'coronavirus distraction burglary'

Crooks ransack home of 92-year-old after lying that neighbour had died of coronavirus

Claire Woodhall was a "much-loved" nurse at Rotherham General Hospital

Ex-army husband to go on trial accused of murdering NHS nurse

Paedophiles are looking to exploit the coronavirus pandemic, a police chief has warned

Anti-crime chief warns 'sickening' paedophiles are looking to exploit coronavirus crisis

Stapleton allegedly coughed at the security guard working at the B&M in the Dundas Arcade, Middlesbrough

Shoplifting grandmother denies ‘coronavirus cough assault’ on security guard

The 32-year-old was caught on CCTV at Stoke Mandeville Hospital on Monday

'Reckless' man jailed for wandering around hospital to 'have a look' at effect of coronavirus

Mark Manley, 35, has been jailed for stealing PPE from an Ambulance

Man jailed for stealing PPE masks, paper suits and hand gel from ambulance

Grandmother Ruth was taken to hospital but was pronounced dead

Man accused of killing his wife during coronavirus lockdown

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