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Joe Exotic has reportedly been hospitalised

Tiger King's Joe Exotic 'hospitalised days after going into coronavirus isolation'

Zaandam arrives at Port Everglades during the new coronavirus pandemic

Coronavirus-stricken cruise ship Zaandam on which four people died finally docks

A medical worker holds an umbrella as she checks to to see if anyone is waiting in line outside a COVID-19 testing center at Elmhurst Hospital Center in New York

Coronavirus: US death toll passes China's with over 3,500 fatalities

Dr James T Goodrich was known for his work saving children with complex neurological conditions

Tributes to world renowned neurosurgeon who died after contracting coronavirus

Donald Trump is sending $100 million of medical supplies to Italy

Donald Trump sends Italy $100 million medical supplies while US medics cry out for support

President Donald Trump

200,000 US deaths from Covid-19 now 'best case estimate', says top Trump advisor

The Sussexes have now moved to California

Harry and Meghan's US security to be 'privately funded' after Trump's tweet

Donald Trump has announced he will not be enforcing a quarantine in the US

Donald Trump abandons quarantine measures as US coronavirus deaths exceed 2,000

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