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The man claimed he had coronavirus before 'deliberately' coughing at police

Man tasered after 'coughing at police' while claiming to have coronavirus

One third of Brits think washing your hands in vodka will kill coronavirus

Debunked: Most common coronavirus myths that Brits believe

The man allegedly phoned the police department five times to complain about the NHS

Man, 60, arrested after repeatedly calling 999 to complain about the NHS

Gifts and care packages have been sent to frontline workers to show appreciation for their efforts

Britain says thanks with outpouring of gifts for NHS workers and police

The Tokyo Olympics will now take place in June 2021

Coronavirus: New date announced for postponed Tokyo Olympics

EasyJet have grounded their plan fleet due to coronavirus pandemic

How long have EasyJet grounded flights for and can we claim a refund for cancelled flights?

Prince Charles has come out of self-isolation

Prince Charles comes out of self-isolation after coronavirus diagnosis

Professor Neil Ferguson said it looks as though social distancing measures could be working

UK Coronavirus infection rate 'seems to be slowing' thanks to social distancing

A man was tasered by police in London after he coughed on them

Man tasered by police after 'coughing saliva' at them claiming he had coronavirus

Hollywood actor James McAvoy

James McAvoy reveals he has joined the 'NHS army' in the coronavirus 'war'

A large portion of NHS doctors are off work or sick, it emerged today

Coronavirus: 'One in four NHS doctors off sick or in isolation'

Will the UK ban alcohol? Lockdown rules explained

Coronavirus: Can you buy alcohol during UK lockdown? And what countries have banned it?

Amged El-Hawrani died after contracting coronavirus

Tributes flood in for NHS consultant Amged El-Hawrani who died from Covid-19

NHS workers are having to hide protective gear to ensure they are protected

NHS staff plead for more protection gear as they say it's 'inevitable' they will get Covid-19

Manchester United's Marcus Rashford

Coronavirus: Footballer Marcus Rashford helps fundraise for 400,000 children's meals

Boris Johnson has been giving daily briefings on Covid-19

Coronavirus UK: What time is Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s press confrence today?

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