Coronavirus school closures: Are they reopening after Easter?

8 April 2020, 11:19

Will schools reopen after Easter?
Will schools reopen after Easter? Picture: PA

By Zoe Adams

Boris Johnson and the Government confirmed schools would be closing amid the coronavirus pandemic on March 20 but as we approach the lockdown deadline, people want to know - will schools be reopening after Easter?

Coronavirus has caused school closures across the country but how long for? And will they be reopening after Easter?

With no set date and schedule when schools would open again, parents are expecting, and hoping, they’ll be able to return their children to education after half term.

Are school closures helping the coronavirus pandemic?

So, will pupils be returning to school after Easter? And how long will children be off school for? Here’s what we know:

Schools have been closed since the middle of March to help prevent coronavirus spread
Schools have been closed since the middle of March to help prevent coronavirus spread. Picture: PA

Will children be going back to school after the Easter holidays?

With the initial three-week lockdown period coming to an end in the UK, parents are hopeful this would mean children can also return to school.

However, the government has yet to reveal if the UK will come out of lockdown, with many reporting it’s unlikely.

With that in mind, and the fact GSCE and A Level exams have been cancelled for 2020 - it’s expected children will be off school for longer than four weeks.

How long are UK schools going to be closed for?

It's believed coronavirus in the UK is yet to reach it's full peak so at the moment, it is not known how long exactly schools will be closed for.

When were UK schools closed?

Coronavirus officially caused UK school closures across the country except for pupils of key workers and vulnerable children from March 20.

Boris Johnson stated UK schools will be closed “until further notice” with speculation rife they won’t reopen until September 2020.

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